Stretch Duct Tool
Stretch Duct Tool

Stretch Duct Tool

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Product Type: Duct Knife
Type: Cutting Tool
Blade Length: 4"
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Length (Inches): 11-7/8"


The versatile, new FDC3 Flex Duct Tool is actually three tools in one! The finely honed double-edged knife blade cleanly pierces through the outer skin, insulation and liner construction of flexible round duct and cuts in either direction. A thumb-operated latch opens the tool's compound-leverage handles and the jaws of a built-in wire cutter to easily sever the exposed wire rib coil of duct liner.

Use the tool's tie-tensioning mechanism to install a nylon tie strap and secure the flex duct take-off collar. With the handles of the FDC3 in the open position, a nylon tie can be threaded through the mechanism and then tightened by gently pumping the tool's handles. Use the wire cutter to trim excess tie strap tail.


  • Double-edged knife blade
  • Built-in wire cutter
  • Tie tensioning mechanism

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